On Adaptive Product Reviews – Erik Kondo

If the marketing for a product refers to solving a problem for a large category of people, it is claiming to have created a Systemic Solution to a problem. If it claims to solve a problem for a group of people under specific circumstances, it has created a Situation Solution. If it solves the problem […]

Adapting the 4Cs of Marketing – Erik Kondo

The 4Cs of Marketing as originated by Robert F. Lauterborn were designed to create consumer centric marketing plans for companies selling products and services to the general public. The overall concept is that the marketing plans must arise from the understanding of the needs of the consumer which incorporates not only what the consumer wants, […]

Increasing Your Chances of a Successful Venture through the Use of Inclusion – David Estrada

By understanding the value of creating a diverse workforce, entrepreneurs and employers can benefit from varied perspectives and viewpoints on how to confront business challenges, thus achieving the best odds of success. Since disability is a natural part of diversity, businesses will benefit from taking steps to ensure that people with disabilities are included and […]

The Key to Succeeding on Planet Adaptive – Erik Kondo

The factors that create economic success for businesses for the able-bodied population do not necessarily apply to the Adaptive Community. These factors can be thought of as creating an alien ecosystem. Let’s call this ecosystem Planet Adaptive. On Planet Adaptive there exists an 800 lb. gorilla, named Igor, A.K.A. the insurance industry combined with governmental […]

The Disability Inclusion Triangle – Erik Kondo

The Disability Inclusion Triangle shows the synergistic elements required to create Inclusion for people with disabilities in society. Inclusion results from the existence of the three elements of Motivation, Means, and Opportunity which is driven by the collaborative efforts of Society and the Individuals with disabilities themselves. Motivation refers to the intention, the desire, the […]